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Jens Rubbert Jens Rubbert, Photographer - Germany

Jens grew up in Argentina, Venezuela and Germany. At age 6, he started taking pictures with an Instamatic. At age 14, he bought his first Nikon SLR. After secondary school, he became a professional photographer. In 1989 he entered the "Cologne University of Applied Sciences" and became an engineer for photographic sciences. His main areas of photography are travel, still life, architecture and abstract compositions.
Jens Rubbert
Richard Hirst, Photographer
Jens Rubbert, Photographer
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Rectangular Canvases
20cm x 30cm $69.00
25cm x 38cm $79.00
30cm x 45cm $105.00
40cm x 50cm $155.00
50cm x 75cm $239.00
75cm x 100cm $345.00
100cm x 150cm $575.00
Square Canvases
30cm x 30cm $79.00
40cm x 40cm $119.00
60cm x 60cm $215.00
75cm x 75cm $275.00
100cm x 100cm $395.00
Panoramic Canvases
30cm x 60cm $165.00
50cm x 100cm $309.00
75cm x 150cm $550.00
30cm x 100cm $285.00
50cm x 150cm $515.00