Glass Print

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The wonderfully reflective qualities of glass are a major part of why glass prints look so good on any wall. Any ambient light in the room will be captured by the glass and bring out the colours of your print. Our glass prints are made from 6mm toughened glass panels and each panel has bevelled edges for both looks and safety. We direct print onto the back of the glass panels. Each print comes ready to hang with our custom hanging solution. Hanging instructions are included.

  • Made from 6mm toughened glass panels
  • Choose from a large variety of sizes
  • Printed using ultra-violet gel inks that prevent fading
  • Each panel has bevelled edges for both look and safety
  • Direct printed onto the back of the glass panel
  • Comes ready to hang with our custom hanging solution
  • Each glass print is custom made to order
  • Glass prints weigh between 2kg to 5.6kg depending on size
  • Made in Australia

Prior to uploading an image, always inspect your image first by zooming in and ensuring the image quality holds and does not become pixelated or blurry too quickly for the best results. You will also want to check for motion blur, red eye and other imperfections in the image that will become more apparent the larger you print your image.

Resolution warnings will display during the edit process when the image file uploaded is too small for the size of print selected. For the smaller sizes you will want your image files size to be a minimum of 250KB - 1,000KB depending on the size selected. For the larger sizes please ensure the image file sizes are between 1MB - 10MB (1,000KB - 10,000KB) to prevent resolution warnings from occurring during the build process. The smaller the print, the smaller the image file can be.

NOTE: Images that receive a resolution warning and are submitted for print regardless may result in the final product appearing soft, blurry or pixelated.